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    While still eating everything I enjoyed, I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off ever since! I thought this kind of transformation was impossible, and accomplishing this for myself was so empowering. Losing the weight was nice, but what was even better was how in control I felt over myself, how much energy I gained to keep up with two toddlers, how strong I felt, and finally getting my sass back.


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    I was at my wit's end, frustrated and angry at the extra weight on my body. I felt sick and tired all the time and overwhelmed with where to start (for what felt like 250th time). I used to wake up with headaches 1-2x a week, tension and aches on my neck, swollen lymph nodes, and so much fatigue (even after 8 hours of sleep). All of this was rooted in the foods I was eating and the emotions I wasn't honoring or working through. That has all changed--it's incredible how much better I feel when I wake up, and it's all thanks to the guidance I received being part of this program and having a coach like Naihomy. All of it was doable/achievable, and when there was a goal that felt too big, or a change that didn't feel like I could really make at that moment, I voiced that and Naihomy was understanding and accommodating to my needs.



    My aim was to lose 10 LBS to get rid of some of my baby weight, and I have lost 22 LBS since then!

    It has NOT felt like work.

    It has been one of the BEST investments I have ever made for myself.

    Sometimes our conversations would be about the day that I was having, and what decisions I was making in the middle of that stress.


    I was a brand new mom and wouldn't consider crash diets that might make me lose weight quickly & could also decrease milk supply.

    Naihomy helped me get over the plateau I hit and I reached my pre-pregnancy weight VERY quickly so that I fit into my wedding dress!

    Then we spent the rest of the program figuring out how to make my healthy lifestyle sustainable now that I didn't have a time-sensitive goal anymore.

    We all have our issues around food. It's not enough to follow an app that tells you what or how much to eat. Coaching with B&B gets to the ROOT of those food issues, so you're actually changing your lifestyle and not suffering through a diet.

    I'm glad I chose B&B because Naihomy specializes in moms of color like me, so she understood immediately my perspective and, more importantly, my roadblocks when it came to balancing childcare, cultural expectations, and everything else that goes along with our food and self-care choices.