I help women take control of their nutrition and facilitate weight loss without dieting, to get their energy, confidence and sass back!

    Naihomy Jerez

    Food & Health Coach

    I help women take control of their nutrition and facilitate weight loss without dieting, to get their energy, confidence and sass back!

    Naihomy Jerez

    Food Guidance & Health Coach

    Areas of Expertise

    • Institute for Integrative Nutrition Graduate
    • Flip recipes from traditional to healthier
    • Mom of two young boys
    • Featured In: Health Central, Familia Kitchen, Remezcla, Wheaton College MA, Veggie Mijas


    Naihomy helps women take control of their nutrition and facilitate weight loss without dieting to regain their energy, confidence, and life back. While working in the digital advertising industry in NYC, raising two toddlers, and running a home, Naihomy lost 50lbs through consistent exercise and balanced eating. Seeing how many women were also struggling to lose weight and feel good in their skin again, she launched Bagels and Brussels LLC, a boutique wellness consultancy. Naihomy is from The Bronx, NY and lives with her husband and young sons.

    My Story

    How a Girdle and a Photo Led to My 50lb Weight Loss While Still Eating What I Loved


    I was a tired mom of two baby boys. I looked in the mirror and did not recognize myself. I thought any hope of losing weight after having kids came from a mix of crash dieting, possibly surgery, and body shapers. Following tradition, I was kindly handed fajas (girdles) by women in my family.


    After trying on countless fajas to find the perfect one, I was frustrated and uncomfortable. Not to mention, I had seen a photo of myself, while wearing the girdle, that made my eyes pop. I could not accept this was going to be my life. At that moment, I promised myself that I would figure this out. I was determined to find a way to lose weight ... BUT I loved food. How could I lose weight when I loved food?


    The first thing I learned was that I had more control over my situation than I thought, and I stopped feeling sorry for myself. I found that if I treated my body well, and nourished it appropriately, my body would respond in positive ways. This was a journey of discovery, time, and patience to figure out what foods actually nourished me...and still tasted great. Gradually I made some shifts. I started flipping recipes to healthier versions that still tasted great, and also nourished and energized my body. My energy started to come back. I started exercising regularly. My youngest son at the time was five months old and my oldest was two years old, so yes, I was exhausted, but I was also determined. Tapping into the guidance and support available to me, my life and eating habits completely changed for the better and the long term! I saw the power my food choices and consistent exercise had on my body, and I was hooked. It was incredible!


    While still eating everything I enjoyed, I lost 50 pounds and have kept it off ever since! I thought this kind of transformation was impossible, and accomplishing this for myself was so empowering. Losing the weight was nice, but what was even better was how in control I felt over myself, how much energy I gained to keep up with two toddlers, how strong I felt, and finally getting my sass back.


    If you are someone who has struggled to lose weight and keep it off, and want to break free from yo-yo dieting to finally heal your relationship with food, and be in control of your health and get your sass back, then click the button below to get your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Without Dieting.

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    Juviza R.

    There are so many amazing things I can say about Naihomy and my experience as her client. If I had to pick one description it would be: life-changing.


    When I started working with Naihomy, I was at the highest weight I had ever been, was waking up with headaches at least 3x a week, and was battling awful brain fog. I've struggled with my weight for more than half my life, and although I've lost weight in the past, I've always gained it back within a few months. My previous weight loss has always been tied to wanting to reach a specific number on the scale. I've tried every diet under the sun, not realizing that it was doing more harm than good. Working with Naihomy has completely changed that.


    So far I've lost almost 20lbs--and haven't gained any of it back! I've learned that healthy eating and exercise aren't "chores" and am understanding that my eating doesn't need to be restrictive. Smaller changes over time have a BIG impact. One of the things I've struggled to accept in the past is that because of my health conditions (PCOS and thyroid autoimmune issues) I need to be extra mindful of the foods I put in my body. Otherwise, it throws my body off and I start noticing changes and unpleasant symptoms (headaches, fatigue, etc). Naihomy has helped flip my thinking completely. She's done an incredible job of teaching me about hidden sugars and the importance of reading food labels--things that even as someone with a health background can be tricky to understand. I've learned that it is quite possible to make food swaps that taste even better than the things I'd gravitate to and were harming my body.



    Working with Naihomy is a true pleasure. She is kind and gentle, and very empathetic. As a mom and a Latina, she just GETS the barriers and challenges that we face from our culture and caring for our families. I am thankful for Naihomy and for the service she provides--it's real, it's authentic, and it's relatable. One thing that I especially appreciate is how comforting and understanding she is when I've had a rough week and my meals weren't the best. This is a lifelong journey and Naihomy reminds me of that always. She helps hold me accountable but reminds me that healthy eating isn't always perfect or linear. I look forward to our weekly meetings and am so thankful to have her guidance.


    I think back to the day I had my initial consultation (July 2020) and remember how there was this natural connection I felt. Naihomy asked about habits and patterns that I never thought to talk about and I've realized how much those patterns and habits have influenced the choices I was making for myself in the past. That was what really drew me in and my gut told me I needed to sign up for her coaching service. Being part of Bagels and Brussels is truly one of the best decisions I've made for myself!

    Nicole B.

    Before starting this program, I was going it alone. I felt frustrated and upset with myself over my health and my weight. Since joining the program and receiving guidance from Naihomy,  I feel more in control of my body and equipped with the tools to help myself. So far I HAVE LOST 18 POUNDS. I am really glad that I joined.

    Mage C.

    When we first began working together I was scrapping by. I went from loving to cook and exploring new recipes to hating it. I needed serious help in getting my meals under control, and struggling to push myself out of comfort zones.


    By the end of our time together, I knew exactly what my tiggers were when it came to making meals, how to optimize groceries and meal prepping, and how to modify takeout orders to align with my goals. The BONUS was being able to wear my wedding rings again after 3 years, getting back into my pre-pregnancy winter jacket, and sliding down my post pregnancy jean without unbuttoning them. I even wore a sassy dress for my birthday!


    Naihomy approaches wellness as being the WHOLE ENTIRE HUMAN! PHYSICAL, MENTAL, SPIRITUAL AND...Don't think twice. B&B will change your relationship with food, wellness and in turn, your life!

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